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Healthy Lifestyles for Individuals with Disabilities

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For many adults living with a disability, achieving simple tasks independently is a source of great joy. Activities that most people take for granted (such as cooking) are life skills that people with disabilities could gain, with assistance. Combined with an awareness of nutrition and education about a healthy lifestyle, many individuals with disabilities thrive when it comes to food preparation and choices.

Each year, Catering Central provides food for The Special Place Foundation’s annual dinner dance, where families and friends come together to raise money and celebrate the diversity of our community. The Special Place Foundation supports a life with purpose for people with disabilities, through building a lifelong farming community in Redwood City.

Catering Central also has an affiliation with Kahlon Family Services, a small business based in San Francisco offering numerous behavioral, educational and respite services. One of our favorite divisions of Kahlon Family Services are the Cooking Classes, where adults with disabilities learn how to make simple, nutritious meals and snacks. Cooking classes can happen in group or home settings, creating anything from smoothies to stir-fries and beyond.

We are constantly inspired by the importance of food and the role it plays in creating a diverse and healthy community. It is our absolute pleasure to be in the catering business, supporting and partnering with people all over the Bay Area – making a difference one bite at a time.


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