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Atmosphere is Everything

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Have you noticed that some parties seem to “work”, and others… well… don’t. The key to having an outstanding party starts and ends with an understanding of atmosphere! We have some tips for you on how to throw parties to be remembered – for all the right reasons.

(1) Put yourself in your guest’s shoes
Do you love parties? Some people can’t stand them, but they go anyway, because that’s what people do. How can you reach the party-haters? See the event through their eyes and set it up so that there are comfortable pockets of seats and space for those who prefer conversation to dancing.

(2) Design seating arrangements carefully
If you’re hosting a sit-down event, sitting Great Aunt Myrtle next to your drunken college buddy might not be a good idea. Likewise, if you have some outspoken guests with opposing political or religious opinions, you might want to give them some space. It’s OK to mix up your friends and families though – try seating someone fun with those who tend to be serious, and they might have a really good time!

(3) Ambient lighting
Fluorescent lighting is the enemy of socialization. If it’s all you have to work with, switch those babies off and flick on some lamps. Candles are great for table centerpieces – everyone looks handsome in candlelight.

(4) Music choices
If you’re hosting a party where you want people to dance – give them something to dance to! Break out the classics like YMCA, anything by Michael Jackson, I Will Survive, Macarena, Mambo No. 5 – guests expect these kinds of songs.

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