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Viva la Vegetarian!

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So, you’ve just found out that you have a vegetarian coming to your event? Don’t freak out yet, we’ve heard that they are normal people just like us. While herbivorous habits can be strange to some, the vegetarian diet can actually be delicious – if it’s well executed (excuse the pun).

The Do’s & Don’ts of Catering for Vegetarians

(1) Do find out in advance how many meatless guests you’ll have in attendance. You might want to add a footnote to your invitation if you think there might be a few, but you’re not sure.
(2) Don’t just take out the meat of a regular meal and serve it to your guests. Without the protein, your vegetarian guests will definitely remember the meal… and the meal they ate when they left the party because they were starving.
(3) Do tell your caterer about the vegetarian guests, along with others who may have special dietary requirements.
(4) Don’t skimp on flavor. Nobody likes food that tastes like cardboard.
(5) Do put extra meatless choices into a buffet – some people choose to eat vegetarian when it’s available.

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 Sample Vegetarian Appetizer Menu 21

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