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Stress-Free St Patrick’s Day Parties

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Looking for Irish luck this St. Patrick’s Day? Raise your glasses high, because here at Catering Central, we are greening up our menu ready for the celebrations! Forget everything you know about the average Irish cuisine – we’re revamping this holiday from basic beef and beer to a modern, healthy, Bay Area take on St. Patrick’s Day.

Catering Central’s green-themed event menu kicks off with a classic Ceasar Salad, garden fresh greens, cabbage, green beans and cucumbers. If you’re concerned that there’s a little too much “rabbit food” involved in our menu – think again! We know it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without some hearty (read: meaty) fare! We have Corned Beef with horseradish sauce on offer, as well as 100% Niman Ranch Beef Shepherd’s Pie made with stout, for an authentic touch.

It’s never a lucky move to leave vegetarians hungry on St. Patrick’s Day, so we have a myriad of choices for the meat-free folks to mix and match on their plates. Not the least of which is our deliciously hearty tofu-based Shepherd’s Pie, which could even tempt the tastebuds of the omnivorous guests.

We’ve attached our full menu below, for you to take a look. Consider hosting a stress-free St. Pattie’s party with Catering Central, and you can count on deliciously healthy food and great quality food. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!


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