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Starting April 14, people all over the world will celebrate Passover. Traditionally, the first night is celebrated with a seder, which is a special meal with a very specific order of events. One of the most vital parts of the seder, is the food itself. Despite the detailed outline of the foods that must appear at the seder, hosts can take some liberties on what to serve as the main meal.

Roasted chicken, lamb shanks with rosemary, grilled salmon steaks and beef brisket are just a few traditional ways your seder meal can be a tasty gathering. If you’re hosting a party with guests who follow alternative diets, you’ll be thrilled to find that the internet can supply you with paleo, vegan and gluten-free options for just about anything! Even the humble matzoh ball soup can be made to fit these specifications.

If you’re observing Passover, think about ways in which you could help provide food for people less fortunate. Gift baskets are customary, though a less traditional way to help could be donating to your local food bank.

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