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Kid-Friendly Easter Ideas

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Read on at your own risk: Sugar content is through the ROOF.
We make no apologies, the recipe ideas we found online are delicious. Also, it’s nothing you can’t fix with letting the kids jump on the trampoline for 2 hours, then putting on a Disney movie while they fall asleep with the sweet memory of the day they ate their weight in candy.
(Click on the title links for the websites)

Easter Nests!
From a blog by Katharine Barrett, a super-simple Easter favorite. (Just be sure to check if any of your tiny guests have a peanut allergy – if so, try switching peanut butter to sunflower seed butter.)

From the folks at Buzzfeed, you could read this article… or you could make it your personal mission to try all of these recipes at least once before you die.

Cookie Pops!
From the How Does She? Blog, these Oreo pops are something you can have as an edible display, or even a party favor for the kids (because they will obviously need more sugar for later.)

And for your sanity, here’s a healthy one. Literal Easter Eggs.

Go forth and create!

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