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5 Tips for Party Success

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(1) The invitation
The number one rule of an invitation is… make sure people see it! Most invitations are online these days; whether you’re using Evite, Paperless Post or Facebook – you want to make sure that it hasn’t gotten lost in the 1000 unread messages in their inbox. Also, send out a reminder a week in advance.

(2) The hashtag
Hashtags are ways to form online photo albums on Instagram, Facebook & some other social media. By giving your guests a specific hashtag, everyone will be able to see all the photos taken at the event. Make sure the hashtag is really specific to avoid irrelevant pictures in your feed.

(3) Be prepared
This is huge – think of what might go wrong and make a plan. Think ahead to the worst case scenario and have a game plan.

(4) Address the unknowns
Will there be a meal? Will there be a place to park a car? Are your guests supposed to bring a drink? Let everyone know in advance to avoid awkward moments.

(5) Make a time frame
This is especially pertinent if you’re having an all-day event. People want to know what’s expected of them, and be able to commit accordingly. On that note, be aware of how long you want your guests to stay – some people like neverending parties, other people like to keep it short & sweet.

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