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Creating Your Signature Cocktail

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Creating a signature cocktail is a fun way to personalize your upcoming event. We’re going to help you choose a signature that tells your guests what’s up.

(1) Do you typically order the same cocktail every time you go out? If it’s a party in your honor, maybe you just found your signature.

(2) Keep with the color scheme! Match your drink and your decorations by finding a brightly colored liqueur, take yourself on a mental vacation with some tropical fruit flavors, or mellow out with some milky tones.

(3) Go seasonal! Choose a cocktail that suits the weather, and you’ll have guests coming back for more.

(4) Have a cocktail that most people like, then add some decorations on the glass, such as; sugared rims, fruit wedges, umbrellas and fancy straws in your theme color.

Here’s some more great inspiration at The Knot.

Signature cocktails help to keep bartending simple. You need very few ingredients, and instead of it being considered a “limited” bar service, you’ll be presenting something that is specialized. Alongside your signature, keep some beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages and you have yourself a party!

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