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Are you looking for an interesting way to go to the next level in Baby Shower catering? Why don’t you host a Baby-Q! With all this wonderful spring weather afoot, it’s the perfect time to get outside and go gaga for the newest member of the family. Baby-Q’s are a great spin on a traditional baby shower, especially if you’re ditching the women-only tradition and making your shower co-ed.

Check out these ideas, to make your Baby-Q deliciously hilarious:

Baby Carrots: as a starter, with some hummus or ranch.

Baby Corn: throw some on the BBQ! Mini grilled corn isn’t served nearly enough these days.

Baby Burgers: OK, they’re sliders, but baby themed nonetheless.

Babybel Cheese: this could be an appetizer or slice it up (round-ways) for the sliders.

Baby Spinach: every good BBQ needs a good salad, and baby spinach is a great salad.

Baby Back Ribs: add some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, and you have yourself a party.

Baby potatoes: who doesn’t like roast potato? Even the carb conscious can get on board with tiny potatoes.

If you have any more ideas for a Baby-Q menu, please add them in the comments section below.

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