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Catering a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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It takes a lot of time and money to prepare for a couple’s special day, not to mention the people power necessary to pull off the event. The rehearsal dinner was traditionally designed to follow the rehearsal and thank the largest contributors to the wedding, while providing space for the wedding party and immediate family to mingle before the big day.

Many options exist for the rehearsal dinner, depending on your budget – although it is more common for the dinner to be on the mid-range to high-end price range. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Micro Buget
A potluck, BBQ or a simple dinner party is a down-to-Earth way to celebrate after the wedding rehearsal, and are all great options for people on a shoestring.

Booking out a private room at a family restaurant is a great idea on a mid-range budget, especially where young children are involved. A pizzeria seems to meet all kinds of tastes and dietary needs, and because pizza is naturally shared between many people, it helps create instant community.

Higher End

A sit-down dinner at a fine dining restaurant will take care of everything for you – just make sure the experience doesn’t take away from the grandeur of the coming wedding.

Professional Catering

A professional caterer can really take a load off of the wedding preparations, because they are (by far) the most accommodating option for rehearsal dinners. Caterers are flexible in what they will cook, and where they will serve – meaning that you will have the right meal for the people you are feeding.

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