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Catering Your Next Fundraiser

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Fundraisers are essential for many businesses, schools and non-profits – and at Catering Central, we love these events! They typically offer light and casual festivities, but events can range to very extravagant and elaborate parties.

Themes are also common with fundraisers, providing your catering team with opportunities to meet your needs in style. One way in which a theme can enhance your event is by having a signature cocktail, and naming it to suit your theme.

Because fundraisers are social gatherings, focusing on appetizers instead of a sit down lunch or dinner will give your guests more time to network. Appetizer menus do not have to be sparse – you can order plenty of appetizers so that your guests don’t go home hungry.

Speaking of menus, ours come in all shapes and sizes. For a casual appetizer menu, you can serve items like; dumplings, skewered meat and spring rolls. For something a little more fancy, think; wanton cups with ceviche, crab cakes and poki salad on a spoon. If you are looking for a sit-down meal, we have options to suit all kinds of situational needs.

To set your fundraiser apart, always give your guests a dessert. For a little sweetness, set up a cookie platter, or order a large cake decorated with a message or your company/organization’s logo.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you make your next fundraiser a success, call us on (650) 961-3300


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