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Cinco de Mayo

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If you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party next week, we have some tips for you!

Whether it’s a kids party or adult soiree, a pinata adds colorful decor. You’re never to old to grab a stick and make some candy rain. For adults, you could sneak a Starbucks gift card in the pinata and see who’s first to grab it.

Healthy Appetizer Alternatives

To keep things fresh, Kristen Benston has some great ideas on her blog. Check it out here.

Salsa Bar

How many different salsas can you find/make? Just like your favorite taqueria, create a salsa bar and label each of them, so your guests can savor the flavor of Mexico. Serve with different types of corn and tortilla chips.

Taco Stations

Hard or soft shell? Rice or lettuce? Meat or veg? The choice is in your guests hands, as they create the perfect taco. A huge advantage of having guests create their own meal, is that they will make what they like, and that equals less waste.


There are so many drinks that lend themselves to a Cinco de Mayo theme! Margaritas and sangria take on a whole new meaning when you mix up the fruity base flavors, and Agua Frescas can be easily mixed for a non-alcoholic delight.

Tres Leches Cake

What a delight! This cake is oozing with three different kinds of milk, and is a clear favorite in Mexico.

Have a great fiesta!

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