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Fresh Summer Skewer Ideas

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It seems that summer has come early to the Bay Area this week – and there’s no better time than a heat wave to get outside and fire up the grill! You might be tired of the regular steak, burgers and corn, so why not try some creative, fire-roasted skewers? We have some fresh ideas for you!

* Salmon cubes, threaded onto a skewer with squash
* Kielbasa, red onion and bell pepper
* Peanut satay chicken breast
* Ham and pineapple
* Portobello mushroom with BBQ sauce and onion
* Tofu, breaded or marinated in one or more of; sriracha, soy sauce & honey, sweet chili
* Meatballs with mini zucchini

Skewers don’t have to be grilled. Try these out!
* Caprese skewers – cherry tomatoes, mini bocconcini, basil leaves
* Olives, feta, cherry tomatoes
* Pita, cucumber, felafel

And for dessert, there’s nothing better than ice cold fruit salad skewers on a hot day. Thread some pineapple, melon, mango and grapes onto a stick, and take your tastebuds on the tropical vacation they deserve.

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