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Mother’s Day

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Let’s hear it for the Moms! This Sunday we get to celebrate the woman who brought you into the world, and the women who helped you become who you are today. This is a great opportunity for you to give your Mom a day to remember – starting with food.

So, what to feed a woman who made you 18+ years worth of food? Impress her with something that you’ve perfected in the kitchen, or try making her something that she’s never eaten before. It’s common for people to get stuck in a recipe rut after decades of child-rearing, so introducing her to new cuisine might just be the refreshing experience that changes her culinary life.

The great part about making food for your Mom, is that she’ll be happy with whatever you produce (just like the pasta necklaces and googly eye crafts you made her in preschool). But if you’re really not a cook, leave the food to the professionals. Take Mom out to a restaurant she likes, or a new spot that you think she’d enjoy.

If you’re having the whole family get together at home, it’s not too late to call in for catering. We can help make your Mother’s day a stress-free event, full of delicious food and refreshing company.

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