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Memorial Day Picnic Ideas

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, and that means summer is on it’s way. Are you planning on bringing the same (boring) old hotdogs and burgers to your next picnic? Yes, we know they’re delicious – but what if we told you that your hotdogs and burgers could be even more wonderful? Here’s some ideas to tantalize your tastebuds and stimulate your creativity.

Why not try a hot dog and burger bar? “Bars” are great, because your guests are customizing their own meals to their exact taste – meaning less waste, less preparation, and 100% meal enjoyment (guaranteed). Set out all the fixings with labels, and a recipe chart. Guests can be inspired by the recipes, or just completely do their own thing.

So, what kind of recipes are out there? In short, the bun is your oyster. If you need more inspiration, click here to check out what the lovely people at B-Lovely have done in the past. If you’re really passionate about burgers and ‘dogs, think about your favorite bite at your regular burger parlour and imitate the flavor. We’ve also added our burger bar menu if you’re thinking of having your picnic catered. Go forth and grill!

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