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Weddings: Why taste test the meal?

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Congratulations – you’re getting married! Now comes the mammoth task of organizing every single tiny detail of your wedding. Don’t let organization tasks dull your sparkle, just tackle one thing at a time. Today, we’re talking about taste testing your menu – why is it important? When you taste test, you are finding out some vital information about your meal – better now than on the day!

Firstly, let’s face it – some food just isn’t pretty. You want an attractive meal on your wedding day, and if you’d like to know what you’re in for aesthetically, you need to taste test. What kind of look did you have in mind? The taste test will prevent you from being disappointed on the day.

Secondly, you want your guests to enjoy the food. If your family has a particular type of food that they prefer, testing the menu will help you establish which meal will suit your guests’ taste buds the most. You might have lofty plans to introduce some more adventurous fare, but if it means sacrificing your guests’ enjoyment, is it worth it?

And lastly, the taste test will give you the opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns before the big day. Most people are uncomfortable with unknown factors, so having a taste test will give you peace of mind and realistic expectations about what’s to come.

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