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Finding a Wedding Caterer

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Finding a good wedding caterer is one of the most important tasks in the wedding preparation process. Just like the search for a corporate caterer is based on specific needs, it takes some skill to find the wedding caterer that’s right for you.

To begin your search, the first step is knowing your budget. Have an idea of how much you’d like to spend (so that nobody takes advantage of you) and remember what you find important – this is your wedding. With this in mind, your budget may not be realistic for what you are anticipating. Be flexible with your expectations, and willing to change your services or your budget. Practically speaking, ask your caterer if a deposit is required up front and if the gratuity is included.

If you are having a hotel reception, your caterer will be connected to the location. If you are having a reception in a hall, have your hall booked before you contact a caterer. It is important to know what kinds of rentals are available (e.g. tables, chairs, tablecloths etc.), and the amount of time it will take for set up/pack down. You’ll need to know how many people it will take behind the scenes, and how many servers will be on board.

Lastly, as we’ve mentioned in a previous post, find out if the catering company offers tastings. It will take a load off of your mind if you see and taste the meal in advance, giving you the peace of mind to focus on everything else.

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