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Fun Summer Appetizers

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School’s almost out, the mercury’s rising – the smell of summer is in the air! That is of course, the scent of sunscreen, watermelon and smoke billowing from the barbeque. We have some delicious appetizer ideas up our sleeve, so you can anticipate long balmy nights and hot sunny days of entertaining.

Let’s first address that cucumber is the perfect hot weather starter. Throw some in a pitcher of water with ice and mint. Make it into sticks, and serve with hummus or french onion dip. Hollow it out and stuff it with salmon, or diced tomatoes, olives and feta. Use it in the place of crackers, serving an appetizer that works for vegan, paleo and gluten free diets.

If you’re into wheat, bruschetta is a delight at any party. Pair a crunchy baguette with fresh, cold tomatoes, sweet onions, basil, olive oil and seasonings – and you’ll have your guests coming back for more. Alternatively, having chips and a salsa bar will also set tastebuds aflame. Why not use different colors of natural corn chips? Using red, white and blue will set a very patriotic tone. Remember with corn, always look for the non-GMO label, or buy organic.

Lastly, think of some ways to get creative with drinks this summer. Soda is easy, but doesn’t always have the best ingredients. Try creating your own “sodas” using mineral water, stevia, fresh fruits and herbs like mint. Once you make your own soda, you’ll never go back.

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