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Naming a Signature Cocktail

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Congratulations: It’s a… signature cocktail!

Naming a drink may seem like a tacky thing to do, but why not? All cocktails need a name – some are obscure, others obscene and then there’s the plain outrageous. Just like there’s some guidelines for naming a baby (i.e. Don’t name your baby Amanda if your last name’s Hugandkiss) we’ve got some suggestions for naming your cocktail.

(1) New vs. Old

If you’re drinking a mojito, call it a mojito. Since you’re inventing a signature cocktail, call it something unique. If you’re basing your drink on an existing cocktail, use the name of that drink in the signature.

(2) Get Sentimental

If you’re naming a wedding cocktail, try using the title of the couple’s favorite movie or song. Use your discretion, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was a great film, but would make a terrible cocktail name. Something that suggests growing old together and everlasting love is perfect.

(3) Place Names

Where did the couple meet? Some places might lend themselves to being really fun cocktail names. Try them out – calling something Echo Lake might work a little better than naming your cocktail The DMV. Another idea is to name the drink after the cross street where the couple’s first apartment/house is. Again, some names work better than others – York & Mariposa is a bit more fun than calling your cocktail Cesar Chavez & 26th.

Live on the edge, name that drink!

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