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Need a Chocolate Fix?

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Looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings in a creative way? Instead of just reaching for the nearest candy bar, let’s talk about some ways you can turn snacking into a culinary delight. Better yet, we have some super-simple ideas to serve at parties or small gatherings.

(1) Grab a bar of dark chocolate and snap into portions – spread a bit of cookie butter (Biscoff or Trader Joes) on each portion and serve on a platter. The bitterness of the dark chocolate will compliment the sweetness of the cookie butter, making it the perfect after dinner accompaniment.

(2) “Fancy S’mores” can be made by using toasted marshmallows, Belgian butter waffle cookies and Trader Joe’s chocolate crisps. This raises the ante for lovers of the traditional campfire treat, involving more textures and better quality ingredients.

(3) Cut open a fresh date, pull out the pit and fill the inside with Nutella. Poke an almond in the center, and you’ve got yourself a new take on the traditional Middle Eastern snack.

At Catering Central, we are all about the chocolate fix. In fact, we offer a number of chocolate-themed desserts in our menus, such as; chocolate truffles, cookies, white chocolate with fresh fruit, brownies and the humble chocolate birthday cake. Contact us today if you’re interested in hearing more about our dessert menu.

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