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Should I Offer Vegetarian Options?

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When hosting a party, you might wonder whether or not you should offer vegetarian options. Common sense says that if you have invited any vegetarians, then you should certainly provide them with some meatless options – but how do you know who is a vegetarian and who isn’t? Since you probably don’t keep up with the eating habits of an entire guest list, make sure you have vegetarians let you know on the RSVP.

Now that you know who needs what, it’s time to think about what to feed them. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post (Viva la Vegetarian!) herbivores are not as mysterious as you might think. Click on the link to find out more about the kinds of vegetarian options we offer at Catering Central.

If you’re catering your own event with plated meals, the easiest way to go is to find the nearest faux meat to the dish you’re serving. For example, you can get all kinds of imitation shrimp, chicken and beef from places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Using this method might take a bit more effort for you to prepare, but we can guarantee you’ll have a happy vegetarian on your hands.

Lastly, whether you have vegetarians coming or not, it’s a good idea to add veggie options to your buffet. These days, many of your guests will most likely be seeking healthy alternatives to traditional meat dishes. By providing fresh fruits and vegetables you will allow your guests to have fun – while staying on the diet bandwagon!


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