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Fun Summer Salads

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On a hot summer’s day, sometimes all you want to eat is popsicles and salad. Because popsicles aren’t a meal, we’re going to give you some fresh ideas to make your salads shine! Think: greens, grains, fruit and crunch!

Salad greens have come a long way since iceberg lettuce was a staple. Try basing your meal on arugula or baby spinach. Dark leafy greens are not only more nutritionally dense, they make your salad look fantastic.

Involving grains in your salad can help you to feel fuller for longer, while boosting your food’s nutritional profile. Legumes like lentils and beans fall under the grain category, as well as seeds like quinoa. Couscous is super easy to make, and tastes delicious in a salad.

Summer salads are all about the fruit! Get creative when it comes to mixing fruit and vegetables, and consider the combinations before making your sweet additions. Strawberries go well with some dark leafy greens and goat’s cheese, while peaches pair well with baby spinach and some walnuts.

Lastly, all salads do well with some crunch! Throw in some tortilla chips, nuts, seeds or croutons to add texture. Then… go ahead and eat that popsicle!

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