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Christmas in July

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While the weather warms up in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s no better time to celebrate Christmas in July! The Southern Hemisphere gets to enjoy a summer Christmas every year, and there’s absolutely no reason that we can’t get in on the action. So fire up the barbecue, throw on some board shorts and don that Santa hat six months early – it’s Christmas in July!

Ditch the eggnog and roast dinner, these parties are all about outdoor eating. In many southern countries, like Australia, people eat cold meats and salads on Christmas Day. Turkey, chicken and a leg of ham are traditional; alongside salads such as coleslaw, pasta salad and basic garden salads. Don’t forget dessert – a summer classic is the Pavlova, check out the recipe here. It’s really important to Australians that these meals are ‘potluck’ style, with everyone participating in making the meal.

If you’re looking for something for the kids to do, try setting up a gingerbread house-making station. You can buy kits online, since they are usually a seasonal item – or make the gingerbread yourself. A true summer Christmas is marked by kids splashing around in a pool, or some kind of homemade waterslide. If you haven’t got a backyard, you could also set up crafts like a paper chain-making station.

Make sure the grown-ups stay hydrated with plenty of adult beverages on hand. Crack open a beer, put on some sunglasses, sit back and enjoy Christmas in July!

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