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Late Night Party Snacks

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Are you hosting an event that goes well into the night? A couple of hours after dinner your guests will be feeling peckish (especially if they’re dancing off their meal) and we have some ideas to keep their cravings satisfied so your party can go… all night long!

A popcorn bar will fulfil your guests sweet and savory appetite, when you serve flavors like white cheddar, classic butter, caramel, cinnamon and kettle corn. You can make these yourself, with a little help from a recipe and specialty flavoring. A word of warning though – making fancy popcorn can be really difficult to get right, so you might want to have a trial run. The easiest way to have an unforgettable popcorn bar, is to buy your gourmet popcorn in a local store or online.

What about a s’mores station? If you have a fire pit, s’mores are almost mandatory. Simply set up a table with ingredients – and your late night snack will basically make itself. If you have never let loose on your s’mores recipe, now is the time to get a little creative. The traditional Hershey’s block can be substituted for Nutella, or even cookie butter with a sprinkling of chocolate chips. For a more grown-up s’more, trade in your graham crackers for Belgian butter waffle cookies.

If you really want your party to last all night, save some of your appetizers for the late night shift. People really do leave parties when they’re hungry, so presenting a plate of spring rolls or mini pizzas will keep up the fun, until you see the sun!

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