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Summer Theme Party Ideas

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Are you looking for new ideas for hosting a summer theme party? If you’re tired of the token barbecue, Hawaiian shirt, drinking-out-of-a-pineapple kind of gathering – we have some ideas to get your inspiration pumping.

Brunch is a terribly underrated meal. Some would argue that brunch isn’t even a meal, but we beg to differ. Have you thought about hosting a mid-morning mimosa party? Don those summer dresses, wear gigantic sunglasses and keep those drinks cold – better yet – host your brunch by the pool!

A picnic in the park is another superb way to celebrate a sunny summer day. Lay out various blankets, crack open that picnic set you got for Christmas in 1995 (and never used) and throw some drinks in a icy bucket. Call it a potluck and have your guests bring a creative salad. Not only will you have the chance to try some delicious food, you will have minimal set-up and pack-up.

What about a seafood party? Wrap your table in newspaper as a whimsical throwback to the old days when “Fish and Chips” were wrapped in yesterday’s headlines. Contrast the inexpensive tablecloth with fancy table settings and some vintage nautical decorations. Stick to a navy, red and white color scheme, using anchors as your icon.

Whatever time of the summer day you choose to entertain, there’s an option for you!

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