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Casual Wedding Menu Options

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Weddings should reflect the style and personality of the happy couple making promises at the altar. If you’re looking for a more casual approach to wedding catering, we have some ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Offering a buffet is one way to be light on formalities. You might like your buffet to include a variety of different cuisines – or adhere to a certain theme, such as Italian or Mediterranean food. Make sure that you have enough food at your buffet – avoid putting all the food out at once, so that the last guests to put food on their plates will still have tasty options to choose from.

Stations are an interesting way to present one type of food or drink on smaller, separate tables. Your stations might include a housemade signature beverage like sangria or lemonade, or a table dedicated to the local foods from where the bride and groom grew up. Perhaps there’s a table for Southern comfort food, and one for Chinese appetizers. Having many stations provides a “big picture” theme to what would otherwise be seemingly random food choices.

Compared to a traditional sit-down meal, casual wedding options allow you to have more creative freedom with your food. Choosing from various types of food can be really fun for the couple getting married – and almost guarantees that everyone will be happy with the food!

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