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Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Finding a venue for your wedding is one of the most significant choices you will make about your big day. Your wedding location will set the mood for the festivities ahead, and will become the backdrop for the photos you will hang on your walls for the years to come. Consider the following points when choosing your wedding venue:

1. Head Count
Logistically speaking, can you fit your guests in the space provided? Is there enough space for dancing, mingling and lining up for a buffet or the bar?

2. Stay in Budget
You may love a certain venue, but does its price tag love you? Even though this is an incredibly important day in your life, there is no use starting off a marriage with insurmountable wedding debt. If you’re set on this venue, figure out how to cut costs in other places and reshuffle the budget.

3. Accessibility
Is the venue easy enough to get to? Is there a place for guests to park their cars nearby? Are there any train stations or bus stops within walking distance?

4. Catering Options
Some venues will come with a set food provider, especially if you choose a function room at a hotel. If you would prefer to hire an outside company, make sure you ask about catering options when you’re touring the venue.

Good luck with finding the perfect wedding venue!

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