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Asian-Inspired Menu

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The next time you host an event, why not try serving an Asian-Inspired menu? This cuisine is a clear favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we’d hazard a guess that you’d have a lot of satisfied guests lining up at your Asian-Inspired buffet.

Starting from the bottom up, most Asian dishes come served on a bed plain white rice. If you’re catering for a health-conscious crowd, it would be well-received to offer brown rice in addition to the white rice. You can also try one of many kinds of noodles, like; egg, udon, soba or rice noodles. If you’re getting fancy, fried rice and chow mein are certainly crowd-pleasers!

When it comes to protein, Asian cuisine lends itself to the tastes of the carnivore and the herbivore alike. With a culture strong on the value of soybeans, tofu pairs well with Asian food since it soaks up whichever sauce in which it is marinated. Chicken and beef are versatile meats for most every stir-fry, and most every crowd.

Make sure you have plenty of freshly sauce-coated vegetables, such as; broccoli, green beans, zucchini, bell peppers and carrots. These crunchy morsels help to balance the protein and carbohydrates on your plate. Garlic, sweet and sour, peanut and black bean sauces will set your guests’ taste buds alight – leaving them with raving reviews about your food.

And lastly, don’t forget the fortune cookies! They are so much fun, and a great connection point for those who may not know each other very well yet. Next time you host an event, go ahead and cater with something outside of the box!

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