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Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is the last weekend of summer, so why not send off the sunshine season with watermelon, white pants and a potluck picnic lunch? This is a great day to celebrate in all-American style, and the perfect excuse to invite your crew over for some fun.

Believe it or not, there’s an art to hosting a potluck! To avoid ending up with 10 bags of chips and 15 cheesecakes, feel free to delegate an item for each guest to bring. Another way to go about a successful potluck, is to create a Google document and share it with your guests. Create a table with guests’ names and a column where they can write in what they’re bringing so others can see, and plan accordingly.

Whether in the backyard, or the local park, a picnic is heavily reliant on a few key items – particularly blankets and coolers. An easy way to make a cooler, is a simple bucket with ice. The advantage of this kind of cooler is that guests can easily share drinks, and see what is available.

If the picnic is dog-friendly, make sure you safeguard the food from your ever-hungry canine pals. Also if you’re in a public park, you may need to protect your picnic from off-leash four-legged-friends. Have a happy Labor Day!

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