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Cheeses for Cocktail Hour

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While pairing cheese with cocktails is still an experimental game, making a perfect match can be a delicious way to spend Happy Hour. In fact, the practice is becoming more popular as we step outside our comfort zones and look for something new.

Gin-based cocktails go surprisingly well with chevre (goat’s cheese), with the tang of the cheese balancing the bitterness of the gin. Vodka is a strong spirit, so it goes without saying that it pairs well with a mild cheese like mozzarella. Since cocktails with tequila tend to mix with fruity bases, pair them with a cheese you’d be happy to munch with a piece of fruit.

When looking for quality cheeses to serve to others, think local. Supporting a small business will help keep bread on the table for the people inventing interesting, fresh, gourmet food. Barinaga Ranch Farmstead, Harley Farms, Cowgirl Creamery, Tomales Farmstead Creamery and Redwood Hill Farm are all local cheesemakers that will drive you crazy with their products.

So why not order that cheese platter while you’re at cocktail hour, and try these combinations out for yourself

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