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Cost Efficient Weddings

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When you’re planning a wedding on a shoestring, you soon find out that you probably can’t afford everything that you’d like to have on your special day. Don’t let your budget get you down! We have some ideas to help you direct your funds into the important things that will help you create wonderful, lifelong memories.

Some ways to keep costs to a minimum are; getting married on a Friday or a Sunday, having your friends and family create decorations, ditching the traditional cake for regular desserts, having a brunch wedding instead of a dinner party, and limiting alcohol to beer and wine.

In our opinion, two things you shouldn’t skimp on are the photos and the food. While we can’t offer you pearls of wisdom on the art of photography, we can help you put your money towards some really delicious food.

When it comes to catering a wedding, we offer different options for all kinds of budgets. It’s a good idea to have an amount in mind when you call for the initial quote, while keeping an open mind about that number. Call us today, and find out how you can serve fresh, delicious food at a costs that suits you!

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