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Wedding Menu Trends

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This year we’ve seen some trends emerge in the world of wedding catering. Themed food continues to dominate the table, with themes such as; comfort food, brunch and regional cuisine taking the (proverbial) cake.  

At Catering Central, we have been passionate about ‘catering stations’ for a while now. Stations are small tables devoted to one type of food, with many different stations provided at an event. This extends the themed food idea, giving your guests the option to eat from multiple regional cuisines.

As mentioned in a previous post, rustic catering has been very popular this wedding season. Paired with the rustic look, many couples have chosen to serve ‘whole foods’ (unprocessed, natural as possible) for their special day. This look ditches the fancy china, and focuses on gourmet meals that look like they come straight from the farm to table.

Don’t throw the fancy china aside yet, because traditional wedding catering is still in vogue. Sit-down meals of pan-seared salmon, roasted chicken and filet mignon, are as popular as ever. While the traditional wedding cake is fast being replaced with other dessert options, the white marzipan-covered, three-tiered cake still exists.

If you’re looking for a wedding caterer, call us today – so we can help you make your dream wedding menu a reality.

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