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Seasonal Eats

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Eating seasonally is not only delicious, but a great way to be mindful about the food we put in our bodies. Produce that is grown locally will be abundantly available when the crop is in season, and our support to local farms is vitally important for keeping local businesses alive.

This fall, why not hit up your local farmers’ market for some fresh produce? Obviously all-things-pumpkin-and-squash are ready to be eaten, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Did you know that fall is also the season when cabbage tastes sweeter? Likewise kale (part of the cabbage family) tastes better in the fall, as the cooler weather sweetens these greens.

Bell peppers are at their best when harvested in early fall, with a robust fruit and sweeter taste. Grapes are another perfect example of fall fruit at its best – they, too, ripen in the early fall. Figs are in season, and can be eaten raw with cheese, or cooked alongside a gourmet meal.

Give yourself permission to abandon your meal planning rut, and join the thousands of people in the Bay Area buying their produce locally. Go ahead, try something new!

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