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Catering with Gluten Free Foods

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Gluten sensitivities are becoming more of a consideration when catering for events. Providing some gluten free choices for your guests isn’t actually as difficult as you’re probably anticipating. There are some very common (and delicious) gluten free foods that all your guests can enjoy.

Firstly, rice doesn’t contain any gluten. Since rice is the base of meals from Asia to Mexico, you can certainly use this powerful grain to your advantage. If you’re planning a Latin feast, you’ll be happy to know that corn tortillas (unlike their wheat counterparts) are also gluten-free.

Eggs, nuts, seeds, meat and most dairy products also don’t contain gluten. Basically, staying away from wheat, barley and rye will keep your GF guests safe. The problem is, sometimes gluten ingredients go by different names. Be careful – bulgur, durum, graham, spelt, farina, kamut and semolina are all wheat!

If you’re looking for a professionally catered event, with gluten free options, give us a call today.

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