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Hosting an Outdoor Party

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With San Francisco summer upon us, the last of the balmy nights are here – and there’s no better time to host an outdoor party. String up those fairy lights, dust of the loveseat swing and fill your biggest bucket with ice. Let’s get this party started!

The biggest advice for hosting an outdoor party is – think practically. Do the neighbors know there’s going to a party? Are they invited? You’d like to avoid the Police showing up, so do your homework on this one. Is there an end time to your party? This can be a great way to keep the neighborhood happy, and ensure that you don’t have guests overnight.

Do you have enough food and drinks? Maybe you could ask your guests to bring something if you’re looking for some potluck fun. Perhaps you’re looking to step it up a notch and have the party professionally catered – this is where we come in! In any case, make sure you’re not caught in the awkward situation of having less food than you need.

Don’t have a party-planning bone in your body? Recruit a friend to help! Some people are really gifted in party logistics, and truly enjoy getting their party on. They will know where to put the trash cans, the ice buckets, the cake, the dinner – trust their judgement and delegate the task.

If you’re looking for some outdoor party eats, call us today to see what we can make for you!

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