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Turkey Substitutes for Thanksgiving

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For many Americans, it doesn’t make sense to cook a big turkey every Thanksgiving – if that’s you, we have some ideas to keep the holiday stress-free and delicious. Maybe you don’t like turkey, you might not have enough guests to warrant such a large bird or you may be vegetarian – either way – you don’t need to miss out on festivities on account of a turkey.

Lamb or Prime Rib are some tasty unconventional proteins for your holiday. The great part about these meats is that they will hold up with the traditional Thanksgiving sides. Fresh fish, crab and shrimp will bring a less traditional feel to the Thanksgiving table, but if it’s a taste you enjoy – go for it!

If you have a vegetarian or two coming to your Thanksgiving party, make sure that you have some meat-free protein ready to go. The easiest way to include a vegetarian is by purchasing a Tofurkey, a meat alternative that most resembles traditional Thanksgiving recipes. Tofurkey roasts can be found at health food stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

Lastly, for those having smaller parties this year, you might want to try grilling a turkey breast instead of the whole turkey itself. Many specialty stores will also offer ‘Thanksgiving Plates,’ which have a bit of everything that you would usually eat with friends and family, without all the work.

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