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Healthier Food for Game Days

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The Giants might have already won the World Series, but there’s still time to cook some game day classics to cheer on the Warriors, 49ers, Raiders, Bulls and Sharks. The food you eat on game days doesn’t have to be store-bought and full of shady ingredients. If you’re game, try some of these health conscious snacks.

For fans of the humble Dorito, click here for a recipe for homemade cool ranch Dorito-style chips. Dip them in a super easy homemade version of Fritos Hot Bean Dip and prepare for your mind to be blown – without the MSG!

Wings are non-negotiable on game days. Make your own Buffalo Wings by baking, instead of frying with this recipe here. They only take ten minutes to prepare, but an hour in the fridge for the flour to set. Your arteries will thank you for the extra effort.

Why not chow down on some all-beef uncured hot dogs, topped with; fajita-style veggies, corn salsa or sauerkraut? Believe it or not, you can have a relatively healthy dog if you make it yourself. Go for high quality meat and buns.

Enjoy your food, enjoy your game day.

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