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Party Planning Tips

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  1. Prepare
    From invitation to execution, all parties need a plan. The more you prepare in advance, the less you will be anxious about the way things go at the event. Plan the atmosphere in advance – all of which involves the seating plan, food setup, music and decorations.

  1. Integrate
    If you don’t have a theme, keep things integrated with a consistent color scheme and font for written text.

  1. Have Extra
    Make sure you have more than what you need, especially when it comes to food and drink. Wine and beer can be returned to the store if you end up having too much. Also, make sure you have plenty of cups and napkins!

  1. End time
    If you don’t want to be up late partying, set an end time on the invitation. This can avoid awkward situations where you have that one guest who won’t leave.

  1. Clean up
    Make a clean up plan. Do you have some key friends who you can ask in advance to help you? If the party is at your home, we highly recommend cleaning up before bedtime.

The best planning tip of all: Write down what you want! Then make a plan, and make it happen.

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