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Holiday Drinks

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The holidays are a time to abandon strict health food regimes and enjoy the many delectable treats of the season. With flavors like gingerbread, eggnog, cinnamon, dulce de leche – who wouldn’t cheat a little on the clean eating? Let’s talk about all things beverages – both the naught and the nice.

The Naughty (or should we say, adult) beverages are wonderful wintry cocktails that will kick your holiday party into gear. Because she’s a genius at all things creative in the kitchen, we have a link to Martha Stewart’s holiday drinks page. These cocktails (and mocktails) have both creamy and refreshing notes alike, as well as being high on the cute-o-meter.

If you’re serving “nice” family friendly drinks at your party, look no further than the All Recipes guide to hot chocolate. There are over fifty ways to spice up your winter favorite, while sitting beside the fire in a cosy sweater. Don’t forget about the Hot Toddy (as well as Eggnog) when it comes to warming up.

‘Tis the season to experience the taste of seasonal flavors, so enjoy them while you can!

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