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Multi-Holiday Parties

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There’s no need to feel uncomfortable this holiday season when it comes to inviting friends and family over to your house to celebrate the holidays. While some people are filled with Christmas cheer, others will be having a happy Hanukkah or maybe even celebrating Kwanzaa. The beauty of a generic holiday party is that everyone gets to try something new.

Traditional Hanukkah food includes latkes (potato pancakes) served with applesauce and sour cream, as well as deliciously sweet jelly donuts called Sufganiyot. Since Hanukkah is the celebration of the miracle of oil, the food reflects the holiday’s oil-filled beginnings.

Add a touch of Kwanzaa to your holiday party menu by serving sweet potatoes, collard greens and black-eyed peas. This holiday celebrates African heritage and the first fruits of the harvest.

For the addition of Christmas cheer, add peppermint, cinnamon and ginger to everything! The taste of Christmas is all about indulging the sweet tooth with spicy, decadent treats.

Go ahead and walk bravely into hosting a multi-holiday party!

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