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Non-Traditional Christmas Meals

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This Christmas, feel free to ditch the traditional meal and go for something a little different. To feel truly liberated from these conventions, you may want to communicate your non-traditional intentions with your guests, so that they know what to expect.

Have you ever thought about a fish-fry for Christmas? Fresh, crispy fillets of fish with a side of homemade chunky potato fries might be exactly what you’re looking for. Celebrate our mild west coast winter by making a salad to accompany your fish fry.

If you’re going for comfort, look no further than an Italian theme. Pizza and pasta can be made with so many tasty variations, for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Roll out a homemade crust and slather it in pesto or pizza sauce, top it with fresh ingredients and we can guarantee you that nobody will miss the traditional roast.

Lastly, try making some fusion cuisine this Christmas. How can you combine the flavors of Mexican food with the spices of India? How can you mix traditional American food with Asian cuisine? Allow yourself to create something brand new.

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