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Cheese Pairing

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The moment you pair a good cheese with the perfect wine, it feels like there’s a party in your mouth. Cheese can also be paired with fruits and nuts to achieve a similar level of tasty pleasure.

If you like pesto, you have to try Pesto Gouda. Paired with apple slices, this cheese will bring full-bodied flavor to the tart notes in your apple. When it comes to wine, try it with riesling, zinfandel or merlot.

For a dessert idea with no added sugar, take a medjool date and stuff it with cream cheese. You might want to sprinkle on some cinnamon or add a pecan nut for more flavor and texture. Fresh Parmesan is an unconventional (yet delicious) cheese to serve with dates. The salty and sweet components are perfectly complementary. A sparkling wine pairs nicely with cheeses like parmesan.

Lastly, we encourage you to get some berries involved in your cheese platter! Why not try brie and berries, served on a cookie crust? (You’re welcome)

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