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DIY Sugar Rimmed Glasses

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We’ve all seen how super cute sugar-rimmed glasses bring an element of fun to an event, but more than a few of us are wondering how to recreate the look by ourselves. You’ll be glad to know that it’s actually not that difficult once you learn how.

Firstly, pour some white, brown or confectioner’s sugar in a saucer. Then, moisten the rim before turning the glass upside down – dipping it in the sugar. Voila! While that might sound overly simple, there are some pro tips to keep things looking (and tasting) good.

If you’re looking for a way to rim a glass without altering the flavor of the drink, only put the sugar on the outside rim.
Always give the sugar time to dry, that way it will stick to that glass for longer.
Give an option of sugar-free glasses to those who may not want the extra sweetness. Alternatively, rim half the glass and leave the other half bare.

Step out, and start sugar-rimming your own glasses.

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