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Food Themed Parties

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Serving food at a party is a given – so why not make the food the main attraction? Food-themed parties can be quirky and specific, they can also be a great way to set the expectations for what the party is going to be like.

A toast-themed brunch party makes for a fun birthday party for those looking for a low key celebration. Your guests will love the simplicity of a pile of great quality, thickly-cut bread and a bunch of interesting (some decadent) spreads. Trying homemade gourmet jams, nut butters and local bread is all part of the experience.

Pizza parties aren’t just for the kids anymore. In our last post we covered a number of delicious ways to make gourmet pizzas. Providing you have enough room in your oven, you can produce a few pizzas for your crowd, providing a selection of unique toppings for guests to enjoy. Try to have the equivalent of at least ½ a pizza per guest.

Now that you’re an adult, you don’t have to eat your vegetables before your ice cream. Dessert parties are a delicious way to celebrate a special occasion via; cakes, pies, puddings, chocolate and other sweet treats. You will end up serving a smaller volume of food at a dessert party, since people are less likely to eat a large amount of dessert. Make sure you have some coffee on hand to curb the sweetness of the event.

Be creative! Any food can be a party theme if you’re game. Comment below if you’ve held a food themed party before, and tell us how it went.

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