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Say it with Cake!

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Cake is definitely the dessert of celebration. Think about it: There’s wedding cake, engagement cake, farewell cake, bon voyage cake, baby shower cake and the humble birthday cake – just to name a few. Whatever the event, you can say what you need to say via cake.

Of course you can go for a sheet cake with writing, if you want to be literal about “saying” things on a cake. In fact, these cakes are some of the most popular for parties because they are simple and to the point. Everybody loves a sheet cake.

Wedding cakes can be traditional tiered fruit cakes with white marzipan, or something more modern like a stack of beautiful cupcakes. The best part about expressing yourself through cake, is that the possibilities are endless. Anything you imagine, someone out there can make.

A simple image search online can give you thousands of ideas of how to use cake as a dual centerpiece and dessert, creating edible art that can be enjoyed through photos for years to come. An incredible cake will make your party memorable – so whatever it is you would like to say – say it with cake!

PS: Let your eyes feast, this is our dessert menu. The descriptions are a good representation of each item. Everything is made from scratch.
Dessert Menu_20151

Dessert Menu_20152

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