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Party in a Jar

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Mason jars are the trendiest, easiest, cheapest and greenest party accessory available. For $12 or so, you can pick up a case of these babies at a local hardware or grocery store, giving you endless options for how to use your jars to get the party started.

Starting with appetizers – you can put a mini caprese salad, a simple layer dip, salsa, guacamole, even a mini goat’s cheese tart in a jar. Any cocktail you can imagine can also be served in a jar, so why not try a mason jar margarita at your next party?

Desserts are clearly the stars of the mason jar show, and you can make anything from individual cheesecakes to puddings. Take a look at the wealth of ideas on sites like Pinterest to see what kinds of desserts others are making in jars, and whether or not you can replicate these for your event.

Lastly, mason jars work well for sending home party favors like granola or jam. Because they are cheap and reusable, you are able to give away something that isn’t going to cost a fortune and also gift someone with a container that will serve them for many meals to come.

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