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Meals from Around the World

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Be inspired by the fresh taste of international cuisine! It’s highly likely that you frequently eat meals from around the world, so this week we have put our heads together to bring you some slightly less common international meal ideas.

Since the popularity of Ethiopian food is on the rise, so we found a Buzzfeed article with 17 recipes that will win the hearts of all kinds of eaters. Typically served on a bed of an airy flatbread called injera, Ethiopian food is packed full of spices, lentils, meat and vegetables.

Burmese food includes a variety of salads, that often revolve around one key ingredient like rice or glass noodles. A popular Burmese rhyme easily captures the heart of the cuisine, “Of all the fruit, mango’s the best. Of all the meat, pork’s the best. Of all the leaves, lahpet’s the best.” Check out some recipes here, care of SBS.

With fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and olives to boot, Israeli food is crazy good. Try some pita with homemade hummus and falafel to curb your hunger. Check out some ideas from Allrecipes here.

Taste something new! Also, check out our Mediterranean menu for private parties. (It’s delicious!)

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