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Different Ways to Make the Same Meals

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If you have some tried and true recipes that work for your household, why reinvent the wheel? Because it’s boring to do the same thing over and over again – that’s why! If you’re not ready to stray too far from your favorite dish, we have some inspiration to help you prepare the same food differently.

The humble roast chicken is a staple for most, but do you know how many ways you can prepare the bird? Saveur has 20 ways to cook a whole chicken, found right here.

If you’re hooked on pasta, we have found 25 of the best pasta recipes at Cooking Light. From vegetarian to meat-filled delights, these pasta recipes will have you coming back for more.

Are you wanting fast food without literally eating “fast food”? Real Simple has made a list of 20 Fast Dinner recipes, leaving you with no excuse for the drive through. You’d be surprised at how possible it is to make a fancy dinner at a moment’s notice. The trick is keeping your fridge stocked with some good quality ingredients!

Mix it up once in a while so that you’re not simply filling your stomach, but enjoying your food with every bite.

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