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10 Pantry Essentials for Healthy Living

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On those days when you just can’t seem to make healthy eating a reality, it’s important to have a healthy stockpile on hand. Making your pantry healthy will more than likely make you healthy.

Here are some staples:

(1) Coconut oil: This superfood contains powerful medicinal qualities.

(2) Quinoa: Protein-packed ancient grain that will turn any salad into a balanced meal.

(3) Oatmeal: Lowers cholesterol, fills you up.

(4) Bouillon: Easily flavor your whole grains and homemade soups.

(5) Nut butter: Full of good fats and protein, keeps you going for hours.

(6) Canned beans: Quick and easy protein and fiber boost.

(7) Herbs and Spices: Make the simplest dishes delicious with a range of spices.

(8) Agave nectar: Skip the refined sugars, still indulge your sweet tooth.

(9) Whole grains: Slow burning energy to keep you feeling satisfied.

(10) Dark chocolate: Avoid the candy cravings by keeping low sugar dark chocolate close.

With a few fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge, you should be able to find something healthy to eat in no time.


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