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Eating Seasonally for Spring

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Spring is a dynamic time for produce in California, affording us the great privilege of eating both locally, and seasonally.

Boost your immune system with the abundance of vitamin-packed citrus fruits that are ripe for the picking. Mandarins, lemons, kumquats, limes, pomelos, tangerines and the humble orange are ready and waiting for you.

Dark, leafy greens are an incredible superfood with a whole host of nutritional benefits. Amongst other things, they provide an unexpected source of calcium and play a role in cancer prevention. This spring add some arugula, broccoli rabe, chard, kale, pea shoots, mustard greens and spinach to your plate.

Spring is also a time to get back to your roots… your root vegetables that is! Beets, carrots, daikon, horseradish and parsnips are back on the shelves. It’s not like they ever really left, but now you can buy them knowing that they’re tasty and fresh.

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